Define CSS styles for the email in this element.

You can add styles to your email using the <style> element. These styles dicatate how your email will look. All your <style> elements should live inside the <head> of your email. To prevent HEML from modifying your CSS, add the heml-ignore attribute. Note that it will still be inlined.

<style heml-ignore>
  /* HEML will not modify the CSS in here */

Embedded CSS

By default your styles will be inlined. However, any media queries will not be inlined. It is important to note that if you inline your CSS any client-targeting CSS should be put in a style element with the heml-embed attribute.

<style heml-embed>
  /* I won't be inlined */
  /* I will be inlined */


heml-embed boolean If present, the CSS will not be inlined.